Heavy Work Class

Triton XLS06

The Triton XLS is a 150hp work-class ROV system.

The Triton XLS system’s 3,000 Kg of through-frame lift provides a platform for a wide variety of tooling modules and custom intervention work skids.

The Triton XLS is a highly dependable work-class vehicle designed for extreme water depths and demanding subsea construction tasks. The system effectively supports offshore projects and construction tasks.

Key Specifications:
- Triton XLS 150hp electro-hydraulic workclass ROV
- 3000 MSW depth rating
- Standard fitted with Schilling 5F Rigmaster and Orion 7P
- Customable tooling based on requirements
- 250kg payload (skids, FLOTS, baskets, etc.)
- Perry Slingsby Top-Hat Tether Management System (TMS)
- Dynacon 7021 A-frame
- Hawboldt Industries Umbilical Winch and HPU

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