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Trone emphasizes on subsea robotics and to provide the best equipment and personnel to ensure that all project is delivered efficiently. Trone is proficient in drill support, construction, IRM, survey and pipe/cable lay support or decommissioning where we provide a comprehensive range of subsea robotic services.


Drill support

Trone has experience on mobilizing on Drilling Rigs for rig support, whether the ROV scope of work is a routine survey or valve operations with a work class system. Trone has been working closely with clients to select the right equipment for the job, taking account of any space limitations or zoning requirements.


Trone can provide the suitable tooling and zoned systems, while providing flexibility in its fleet of ROV systems.



Trone has carried out various inspection, repair, and maintenance scope of work from our pass experience from platform inspection, pipeline inspection, and UWILD on FPSO which includes chain and angle measurement.  Subsequently we have skilled professionals and the full range of equipment including ROVs and sensors for inspection through to light and heavy work class systems and tooling for repair and maintenance.


Our team are proficient in provide full inspection packages, carried out by trained inspection personnel. Our data gathering, analysis and reporting offering is aided by our knowledge of, and access to, the latest inspection sensor and tooling technology.



Trone has been involve with several construction scope of work from platform installation to pipe lay installation utilizing our heavy-duty work class ROV and subsea equipment.


The cost-saving technology that we utilize is continually maintained and improved upon so that we can provide comprehensive performances for our clients.



Trone decommissioning services consist of visual inspection of subsea infrastructure, dredging our subsea structure, cutting and removal of debris and collection of samples utilizing our ROVs


Our qualified personnel work diligently with the decommissioning team to recognize the distinctive requirements of each specific project to add advantage to the work being undertaken.


Specialize Subsea Tooling

With an in-house research and development team in Trone, our tooling is specifically design made to meet the client’s demand and requirement to carry out the task. We design our measurement tools for chain measurement, inclinometer for angle measurement of any sub structure, soil sampling tool, as well as 4K and HD cameras to meet the ever-growing technological rush in the subsea business.


The tooling designed and made are tested to a high standard to ensure that the quality of the equipment is not compromise with the ease of utilizing the tool offshore in mind.

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