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Trone Hybrid Inspection Camera

The Trone Hybrid Subsea Inspection Camera is a "plug and play" externally mountable full HD 1080p resolution camera which is suitable for most ROVs. Featuring Sony’s latest block camera incorporating 1/2 inch HD CMOS CCD giving exceptional picture quality.

As standard, the camera is wired for composite output via a standard Mini-Burton penetrator. The Optional HD-SDI signal can be transported over an embedded single mode fibre optic strand in the tether and captured topside.

Key features:

  • HD up to 60FPS

  • Outstanding Low light Capability

  • Auto and Manual Focus

  • 12X Optical Zoom

  • 1/2" CMOS sensor

  • HD-SDI and Composite Output

Trone Hybrid Inspection Camera.JPG
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