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Trone Caliper TC-300 / TC-600

The Trone Caliper Measurement tool is a "plug and play" manipulator mountable tooling which is designed to work with most ROVs. Featuring an industry leading underwater electric drive system allows contact force sensing to acquire consistent measurement readings whilst preventing un-wanted damage to measured components. Light and compact design gives excellent vision and tool maneuverability for constricted entry and measurements.

Surface control software gives the user a simple and easy way to control the caliper tool. Measurement data output port allows for an overlay system or survey logging to be connect. The provided calibration block gives the client assurance that measurement is accurate.

Key features:

  • Electric Drive System

  • Contact/Collision Detection

  • Data Output via RS-232

  • Light Weight and Compact Design

  • Internal and External Measurement

  • Auto Stop for Consistent Measurements

Trone Caliper TC-300 TC-600.JPG
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