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Cutting and Cleaning

The Stanley hydraulic GR29 grinder is a right angle grinder (“vertical grinder”) that can be used for grinding, cutting and cleaning in underwater applications with a variety of wheels, brushes and attachments. It is be used in marine growth cleaning and grinding & cutting.

Key features:

  • ​Integral Stanley Hyrevz gear motor

  • Stainless steel spools and fasteners

  • Two position assist handle for right/ left hand operation

  • Oversized trigger with guard for diver comfort

  • Adjustable wheel guard for infinite positions

  • Plastisol covered handle for comfortable ergonomic grip

  • Use with grinding wheels, hull scrubbing brushes, wire and nylon brushes, barnacle busters and Desmond wheels

  • 3200rpm @ 45lpm / 12gpm

  • Cast-in lifting eye

GR 29.png
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