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A Look Back and Looking Forward

As we head into the second quarter of 2024, let's take a moment to celebrate the exciting developments of the past year at Trone!

Office Relocation: We're thrilled to be settled into our new, spacious office in Semenyih! This new space provides a more comfortable work environment for our growing team, but the larger yard also offers exciting possibilities for future expansion.

New addition to the ROV family: Two new systems have joined our fleet, ready to be refurbished by our hardworking and growing workforce. This not only presents them with valuable learning opportunities but also reinforces the importance of taking on greater responsibilities as we expand.

Learning Together: We've transitioned seamlessly from a small, close-knit team to a larger one. The years of working as a close-knit unit have made us truly appreciate the positive energy and diverse perspectives that come with a larger team.

Welcoming the Next Generation: We're excited to welcome a group of talented students who will be joining us for their industrial training program. We hope they find it useful learning about this niche industry as rewarding as we find having them contribute to our company.

Looking Ahead: We're energized by the momentum we've built and excited for what the future holds. Stay tuned for updates on our ongoing projects and future endeavors!

Thank you for being a part of the Trone journey!



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