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The Seaeye Falcon System.

For competence, versatility, and the ability to get the job done, many leading operators choose the Seaeye Falcon. They can move inshore, offshore, down tunnels, or for flyaway operations because they're light and portable.

Seaeye Falcons are a suitable platform for a variety of sophisticated and demanding subsea applications, thanks to a variety of choices, equipment, and accessories.

The open frame design of the Seaeye Falcon makes it simple to add a variety of common accessories. A skid installed under the vehicle with compensatory buoyancy can allow larger tools and sensor packages.

Key Specifications:

- 300 Meters depth rating

- 16kg Payload

- Brushless DC Thrusters (50kg of Thrust)

- High Power to Weight ratio

- Variable Intensity Lighting (150W)

- High resolution Color Camera on 180º tilt unit

- Auto Heading & Auto Depth functions

- Compass & Rate Gyro ±0.5°

- Depth Sensor ±0.5% of FSD

- Single Phase, 100-270 VAC

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