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Trone Solutions & Technologies Sdn Bhd
Environmental Policy

At Trone Solutions & Technologies Sdn Bhd (TST), we are dedicated to conducting all our operations with the utmost respect for the environment. We acknowledge our responsibility to reduce our ecological footprint, prevent pollution and support conservation efforts in all areas where we operate. Our environmental performance is integral to our success and the well-being of future generations.

We are committed to our key principles as below:

● Compliance: We strictly adhere to all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and industry standards. We continuously monitor and update our practices to ensure compliance and prevent environmental harm.
● Resource Conservation: We actively manage our resource consumption and strive to minimize waste generation, promoting the efficient use of materials and energy throughout our operations.
● Pollution Prevention: We prioritize the prevention of environmental pollution by implementing robust controls and measures to reduce emissions, discharges and waste generation.
● Biodiversity and Ecosystem Protection: We respect and protect the biodiversity and ecosystems in the areas where we operate. We work collaboratively with relevant stakeholders to minimize our impact on the environment.
● Continual improvement: We are committed to the continual improvement of our Environmental Management System. We set measurable environmental objectives and targets, regularly monitor our performance, and take necessary actions as needed.
● Environmental Awareness: We promote environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees’ contractors and stakeholders, encouraging active participation in environmental initiatives and reporting on environmental concerns.

Top Management is responsible for providing leadership and resources to support the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System and ensure continual improvement in environmental performance. All employees and contractors are responsible for adhering to environmental policies, procedures, and best practices, reporting environmental concerns, and actively participating in environmental initiatives.

This policy is communicated to all employees, contractors, clients, and stakeholders involved in our operations. It is prominently displayed at our facilities, communicated, and made accessible through relevant channels.
This policy is periodically reviewed to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness. Any necessary revisions will be made to align with our business objectives and evolving environmental requirements.

Trone Solutions & Technologies Sdn Bhd (TST) is committed to conducting all operations in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. Through the consistent application of this Environmental Policy, we aim to be a leader in environmental stewardship within the industry.

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